Welcome to the Baron Lab Wiki!

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To contribute, use the below instructions.

Adding pages or editing

  • Small changes can be made directly editing files in gitlab. Otherwise:
    1. Clone https://github.com/baron-lab/wiki
    2. Make a new branch
    3. Make your changes
      • Add new pages to the docs directory
      • New pages should have extension .md
      • New pages need following lines at top:
          layout: default
    4. Push your branch to github
    5. Merge if you have permissions for that, or make a merge request
  • Alternatively, send updated .md file to C. Baron (not recommended for frequent contributors)

  • Pages will automatically get added to the sidebar on the wiki website

  • After committing to main, the website will be automatically updated (can take up to 10 min)

  • Use Markdown for formatting. See https://www.markdownguide.org/cheat-sheet/

Building and previewing your site locally

Not required, but nice for seeing a preview before pushing to github. Assuming [Jekyll] and [Bundler] are installed on your computer:

  1. Change your working directory to the root directory of your site.
  2. Run bundle install.
  3. Run bundle exec jekyll serve to build your site and preview it at localhost:4000.

    The built site is stored in the directory _site.

Licensing and Attribution

This repository is licensed under the [MIT License]. This repository was generated using a template from https://github.com/just-the-docs/just-the-docs